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"The Strangers" - "Dialogues at the Border III
    „The Strangers“ is dark comedy written by Dževad Karahasan written by commission of ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre. The music is composed by Werner Raditschnig and Wolfgang Danzmayr. A stranger comes to the Western World and becomes world-famous as an artist. In today's world when circumstances are more than tragic, comedy can help us. A stranger enters the Western World very ambitious to become a famous and rich person. His agent, like a twisted guardian angel, tempts him to produce something like a massacre in order to gain fame. He then starts a creative career, he designs fashion, he writes books that become bestsellers, his life is a huge success up to the moment he commits suicide as an artistic event. With that his agent has to look back to the other side of the border to find a new stranger for his business. For a performance the play needs two languages. For the ARBOS-production are used the Austrian Sign Language of the deaf and German language. The videoclip shows the start of performance and the arrival of the police (performed by the musicians Irmgard Daxner, Theodor Burkali and Andrej Serkow) to arrest the stranger (acted by the deaf actor Werner Mössler) who talks to the lieutenant of the police (acted by Martina Spitzer). Essential in the performance is the visual aspect of the music. "The Strangers" is the third production of the trilogy "Dialogues at the Border" about the search of relationships and differences between cultures.«