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"The Singing of the Fools about Europe" - "STORY OF VOYAGES I”
    "The Singing of the Fools about Europe" - "STORY OF VOYAGES I" "The Singing of the Fools about Europe" is the first part of the trilogy "Story of Voyages" in search of new forms of theatre. It is a poetic installation of a libretto by Dževad Karahasan and Herbert Gantschacher based on poetic works and literature from Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Rumania, Serbia and Slovenia. The music is composed by Violeta Dinescu(Rumania/ Germany), Arsen Dedic(Croatia), Gabriel Lipus, Johannes Kern and Werner Raditschnig(Austria). The situation for the concept was based on the realistic life of artists and intellectuals in the medieval age. The realistic life of the fools in the medieval age was on ships of fools and ships of ill people. Intellectual people, artists and fools are talking, explaining, talking about visions. The common citizens are eating and smiling. Somebody is saying that this common citizens are not interested on the situation of the fools. In the past time the common audience could be passive, when a ship for example a ships of fools was broken. In our present time in such a break of a ship everybody is involved. „...A trip by ship trough...nightmare... dreamland...childhood and remembering ...who am I?...feeling of life... metamorphosis...Do You understand the life...the death and I...the crash of the ship...the city...the ruins...the island... The music piece seen on the video clip is composed by Arsen Dedic with the title “Nightmare” following a poem of Abdullah Sidran from Sarajevo performed by Hana Hegedusic (soprano), Mircea Mihalache (counter tenor) and the orchestra of the ensemble kreativ. Commissioned by ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre