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The Delighted Angel" - "Dialogues at the Border II"
    „The Delighted Angel“ is a play of Dževad Karahasan written by commission of ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre. Musical models composed by Wolfgang Danzmayr on stage realized by the musicians of the ensemble kreativ. The play focusses two women: The Arabian philosopher and artist Rabija al-Adavija and the European catholic philosopher and nun Teresa of Avila. The two women are an example about the discussion between institution and non-institution. This situation is shown in the mirror of the time. Rabija al-Adavija and Teresa of Avila are persons, who opened institutions for the inner truth. The correspondence between different traditions of culture is the main theme. With these themes Dzevad Karahasan goes on with his search of the correspondence between the European and Oriental culture and in principle going on with the search of the esoteric centre of every culture. „In the European tradition of theatre the conflict and the close attention comes from the total point of view. In the Oriental tradition of theatre and art the conflict and close attention comes from micro points of views. These micro points of views are reflecting and commenting on themselves. So we can demonstrate the correspondence of different cultures.“ Herbert Gantschacher, Dževad Karahasan In this videoclip Hana Hegedusic is acting and singing the character of Teresa of Avila. "The Delighted Angel" is the second production of the trilogy "Dialogues at the Border" about the search of relationships and differences between cultures.«