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“The Concert of Birds” – “STORY OF VOYAGES II”
    “The Concert of Birds” is the second part of the trilogy “Story of Voyages” in search of new forms of theatre. Based on a mystic comedy by Dževad Karahasan composers from Ukrainia (Karmella Tsepkolenko), Croatia (Arsen Dedic), Austria (Christian Ofenbauer, Werner Raditschnig, Johannes Kern), Czech Republic (Petr Pokorny), Sweden (Jonas Bohlin, Mats Larsson), Germany and Rumania (Violeta Dinescu) created together a music theatre piece. The symbolism of “Air” is the focus. While water requires channels like rivers for their movement, air encounters no barriers between lands. A scientist is experimenting with genes on human beings. The human being are transforming to birds like a metamorphosis. These new birds are starting now for searching for their Simurgh (which means their god). They are on search for their identity. Dževad Karahasan wrote about his comedy: „In our works for the theatre there are two new points. At first we try for the first time to direct a mystic comedy. At second the theme of identity and the metamorphosis as a motive of literature. In the poetry of the theatre of ARBOS we are always directing the act of performing and playing. Thus means, we are always directing our questions and existential position with the hope that these questions are on interest of our audience.“ The music piece seen on the video clips is composed by Werner Raditschnig at the begin of the search of the birds for the Simurgh performed by Hana Hegedusic (soprano), Mircea Mihalache (counter tenor), Rupert Bergmann (bass baritone / cello) and the orchestra of the ensemble kreativ. The costumes of the birds are created and produced by Burgis Paier. Commissioned by ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre.