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"SNOW AND DEATH" - "The Spring"
    This videoclip shows a short scene of the play "Snow and Death" by Dževad Karahasan performed at the first International Theatre Festival in Prishtina (Kosovo) after the war. The deaf actors Mössler Werner tells the story of the state at the end of winter and early spring as an inner state of a person in Sign Language. „Snow And Death“ tells the stories about dying and living in the times of war in winter. Snow is a symbol for death, but snow signalizes also the cold season of winter. In principle snow is white and all environments covered by snow looks similar. But after every winter spring arrives. New life rises up; the earth gets a new face. And now we see the stories, which were covered by snow, the stories about death. The dramatic structure of the drama plays with the symbols death and snow and the colours black and white. Cast: Tessa Gasser (Azra), Horst Dittrich (Angel of Azra), Alexander Mitterer (Faruk), Werner Mössler (Angel of Faruk) / Musicians: Irmgard Daxner (flute), Theodor Burkali (clarinet) and Alfred Melichar (accordion).