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„The Death Of Empedocles“ - I - Signed Songs
    “UROBOS : PROJECT TIME” is the third part of the trilogy “Story of Voyages” in search of new forms of theatre by Dževad Karahasan and Herbert Gantschacher. This “Story of Voyages” is a mosaic of different stories, forming one whole. It is the culmination of a search for the inner nucleus of different cultures, with relation to the concept of open theatre. The main principle of this voyage is to unite the microcosmos of different lands from different continents. The element of “Time” has different meanings in different cultures, but “Time” is also a uniting factor for these cultures. From a European point of view, ARBOS asks how Europe relates with different cultures of the world. A living theatre seeks to deal with these question, and thus different musical cultures from within Europe are represented. From an American point of view EQUIPO DE TRABAJO explores the landscape of La Pampa. From an Australian point of view THE SEYMOUR GROUP works in the piece “Fire & Rain” on the story of the English colonisation of Australia. For Aboriginal people, whose lives are so closely to the land, these Western concepts of time are meaningless. As for many indigenous cultures, the seasons are marked by times of fire and times of rain. From an Asian point of view the composer JOYCE BEE TUAN KOH is in search of traditions, by definition, are long-established customs or methods of procedure. Singapore society’s relationship with time can be effectively exemplified from the architectural perspective. The landscape of the island has changed drastically through the years of urban renewal. The different segments of the project are connected with a TIMETUNNEL, which is a visual music piece “Faute de mieux” by Werner Raditschnig performed by all artists of “UROBOS : PROJECT TIME”. The light for the whole production is designed by Erich Heyduck. On the video clip the music piece “Urobos about Istria, Dalmatia, Bosnia and the Balkans” by Arsen Dedic (Croatia) is performed as an Instrumental Theatre by the four musicians Irmgard Daxner, Eva Geisse, Theodor Burkali and Alfred Melichar. Commissioned by Singapore Arts Festival, CEAMC Foundation, Fundacion Antorchas Buenos Aires (Argentine), The Seymour Group Sydney (Australia) and ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre (Austria).