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„Banquet“ - I - Dark Comedy by Dževad Karahasan
    „Banquet“ A Dark Comedy written by Dževad Karahasan Music written by Bruno Strobl, Herbert Grassl and Hossam Mahmud Directed by: Herbert Gantschacher / Stage designed by: Sanzaba Dimna / Light designed by: Bidpai / Costumes designed by: Burgis Paier / Singers and Actors: Lisa Fornhammar, John Sweeney, Michael Paumgarten and Frankie Feutl Musicians: „The Purple Devil Band“ with Theodor Burkali (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Drums), Luka Kemperle (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Drums), Alfred Melichar (Accordion) The new play written by Dževad Karahasan„Banquet“ works about the situation with anxiety of the power and the despotism of power in a satirical way. A big party is happening. A lot of music, popular music, aggressive music, also popular traditionals are possible. All people are eating like animals. Only one place is free. Now an unknown person appears, a stranger. He takes the free place and starts to eat. In that moment the ruling person cries: “Take that person away !” The Stranger will be arrested and maybe sent to death. The same situation happens again and again till it becomes a touch of a comedy. After some repetitions people start to try explaining that, maybe that place and the meals are bring them to death. So mothers take care on their children. It is not allowed for the children to sit or play there on that place or the place around. Nobody eats such a meal at home or cooks such a meal. Only the strangers take that place at the party, start to eat and maybe sent to death. This video-clip shows the start of the performance in the theatre.