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"Babylon or The Trip of the Beautiful Jutte"
    This videoclip shows the opening of the play "Babylon or The Trip of the Beautiful Jutte" by Dževad Karahasan written by commission of ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre and the European Centre for Culture of Erfurt (Germany). Musicians of the ensemble kreativ are acting with music. The play focusses on the theme of ecstasy, which is possible through music. A young woman is on the search of her inner vision. She wants to become the first female pope. She dances through a whole weekend. In her ecstasy she shanges to a pope and to Dschaladulin Rumi, a mystic person of the islamic religion. The young woman searches for the inner truth. Karahasan himself searches in the play for the correspondence between different traditions of culture. This play was produced for the European City of Culture Weimar 1999.