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“Al-Mukaffa” – “Dialogues at the Border I”
    „Al-Mukaffa“ a play written by Dževad Karahasan written in commission of ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre. Musical models composed by Wolfgang Danzmayr on stage realized by the musicians of the ensemble kreativ. A fascinating piece of theatre from the cultural multiplicity of Sarajevo. Karahasan is the expert of the European and Islamic world. With the figures of the poet Al-Mukaffa and the classical woman of the Arabian literature Leila(comparable in the case of signification like „Romeo and Juliet“) Karahasan shows the situation of an intellectual and his relation to the statepower, to the arts, to love and life. The vision of the play is represented with the possibilities of the „Karagöz“-theatre - a shadowtheatre from the Middle East, and masks and puppets, which were designed and produced by Burgis Paier, staged by Dževad Karahasan as a dramaturg and by Herbert Gantschacher as a director. The musical model of a Rondo in the play comes to a crossover-project of European and Oriental music. The authenticity is garantueed by the actors Selma Alispahic and Zijah Sokolovic, both were members of the National Theatre of Sarajevo. „The model of ‘Al-Mukaffa' is a story in the story in the story, a play in the play in the play“(Dževad Karahasan, Herbert Gantschacher). "Al-Mukaffa" is the first production of the trilogy "Dialogues at the Border" about the search of relationships and differences between cultures.«