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"O.T." - Ballet Unit Cramp Prague
    This videoclip shows a part of the beginning of the scenic concert "O.T." of the legendary "Ballet Unit Cramp / Baletni Jednotka Krec" from Prague with musicians of the ensemble kreativ in a production of ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre directed by Herbert Gantschacher, costumes by Burgis Paier. The choreography is done by Simon and Michal Caban, the two brothers and founders of the "Ballet Unit Cramp". This unique dance company was formed in the eighties of the 20th century in Prague as an artistic form of protest against uniformed life. The "Ballet Unit Cramp" was at that time part of the cultural underground of the "Prague Five". Here there are dancing following a composition of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Seierl in a new form of concert and a new form of theatre; that combination is named a "scenic concert".