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"Kar" -
the alpine environment at 2300 meter above sea level for an opera
    The draukraft is an energy company as part of the Verbund Austria (Energy Austria). The aim of the draukraft is to cooperate with different artists and theatres as a part of the strategy in the public. The head of the public relation department of the draukraft Gottfried Jakl and the artistic director of ARBOS Herbert Gantschacher met first time in 1989 to talk about several possibilities of cooperation between the ARBOS and the draukraft. In 1990 Gottfried Jakl offered Herbert Gantschacher a very special performance space for the creation of an opera. The incredible space is inside the dam in 2300 meter above sea level in the Alps of Carinthia at the Großer Mühldorfer See. In 1994 ARBOS realized there the world premiere of the opera "Kar" inside this dam with 13 sold out performances. The story of the opera follows a topic of the literature. A woman is waiting for her man, who is missed in the mountain. After more than 50 years the dead corps of the man is found. The woman is waiting for him. Now she sees him after that long time. She never was married. After seeing her dead lover she goes home and changes her clothing to become his bride. Now she dies. Both are buried in the same grave. This documentary video shows the first musical rehearsal inside the dam conducted by the composer of the opera Herbert Lauermann and the musicians of the ensemble kreativ together with the singer Stefani Kahl. The video includes also the phantastic alpine environment.