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"It was raining yesterday evening" - Internet Chamber Opera
    "Es hat am Vorabend geregnet" / "It was raining yesterday evening" / "Il a plu veille" / "...och sen började de regna" / "Tinha chovido na véspera" Chamber opera by Eberhard Eyser (music), Eberhard Schmidt (libretto) following two novels by Fernando Namora. Produced and presented an internet chamber opera by ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre (Austria) in cooperation with The Royal Opera House Stockholm (Sweden). Cristina and Joao are young lovers. But the power of the parents makes real love impossible. In the chamber opera all dialoogues between Cristina and Joao happens only by telecommunication. In the production of ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre that fact was transformed to an internet chamber opera with viewer from nine countries in Europe, three countries in America, one country in Asia, one country in Africa and one country in the Australia-Pacific region. The videoclip shows the beginning of the first aria. Rupert Bergmann sings the character of Joao.