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    "Crossroad" is a composition of the Bavarian composer Anton Prestele in combination with poems of the poet norbert c. kaser from Southern Tyrol. It is a very good example for the quality of modern music. Poetry and music are on an extra-ordinary level. This musical piece was presented on the stage by a team of extra-ordinary Austrian artists as musicians from the "ensemble kreativ" (among them Klaus Paier - today one of the leading jazz-accordion-player in Europe), the conductor Peter Ewaldt (well known in Austria and Germany for his interpretation of compositions of Arvo Pärt), the tenor Josef Köstlinger (world-wide known from the film "Don Giovanni" directed by Ingmar Bergmann) and the costume-designer Burgis Paier. Together with the director Herbert Gantschacher they developed a new form of concert and a new form of theatre; that combination is named a "scenic concert". That video-clip shows also the roots of ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre.