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"The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat"
    This is a video-clip from the chamber opera "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat" composed by Michael Nyman based on the case study by Oliver Sacks in a production of ARBOS - Company for Music and Theatre. The neurologist Dr. S tells us in a lecture about the mechanistic system of the world. The favorite term of a neurologist is the word "deficit". Dr. S demonstrates on the case of Dr. P the situation. Dr. P mixes up parkingmeters or pillarboxes with human beings and he mistakes his wife for a hat. The musical part of his brain is absolutely in function. Dr. P cannot recognise faces. The diagnosis of the neurologist Dr. S: visual agnosia. The therapy: music as a soundtrack to recognise the reality. The video-clips shows the "Chess-Scene". In the production of ARBOS the part of Dr. S is sung by Alfred Feilhaber, Mrs. P by Angelika Pfau and Dr. P by Stephen Swanson. The orchestra is conducted by Alexander Drcar. The costumes are designed by Burgis Paier. The light is designed by Erich Heyduck.