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"I Can See Something, You Cannot See" - "
The ABC in Sign Language”
    This video-clip presents the last scene of the play “I Can See Something You Cannot See” by Herbert Gantschacher. The deaf actor Werner Mössler presents the ABC in Sign Language. The play “I Can See Something You Cannot See” is theatre for the whole family but also for teachers. The play starts with small tales, it continues with finger plays. Fairy tales expressed by hands and mime are in the centre of the second part of the play. And then the audience get questions presented on pictures. And at the end the whole audience see the ABC in sign language. Seven scenes for children from the age of five years and their teachers, parents and other relatives. The children in the audience are invited during the performance to play with the actor. This play was awarded in 2002 with the EUROPASIEGEL 2002 for innovative language projects by the European Union.