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    This videoclip shows the beginning of the theatre production "Striptease" in Polish Sign Language following the play of Slawomir Mrozek. Two men are meet each other in some room for the first time of their life. Both don´t how they have landed in that room. The one man remembers exactly what happened before, the other man agrees point by point. But both don´t what have brought them here in that room. Something have happened before, something like a pink elephant appears in some kind of jungle and fog. In the meantime the other has found two doors, he thinks about to go out of that room. But the one man doesn´t want to leave the room. Both doors are opening by someone, now they discussing the situation, to flee or to be here in the room. But both doors are being closed by someone during their discussion. Both men are now in a difficult emotional situation. The other tries to open the doors. With one of his shoes he clashes on the floor of the room. Someone opens one door and a yellow hand appears. Now the striptease of both starts. The hand wants their shoes, their suspenders, their trousers, their ties, their vest … now both stand in the room in their underwear and socks. Later the second door will be opened and a red hand appears. Now both hands want them. The actuality of the satire by Mrozek can be seen in situation, where people disappears without any knowledge where they are. Mrozek critizes every ideology and forces the discussion about “freedom”. The production “Striptease” is a cooperation project of Teatr 3 Szczecin (Poland) and ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre (Austria). Directed by: Herbert Gantschacher / Stage designed by: Sanzaba Dimna / Costumes designed: Hubert Bartlomiejski / Light designed by: Bidpai Cast: Adam Sapritonow (1st man), Arkadiusz Kolota (2nd man).