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"Stones In His Pockets"
    This video-clip shows the deaf actor Werner Mössler and the hearing actor Claus Seewald in the play "Stones In His Pockets" by Marion Jones. A big crew of a film company occupies a small village. The idyllic environment of the villages is the ideal background for a film company from Hollywood to make here the new film hit. As extras Jake and Charlie are engaged and they have to see how the film crew is occupying their home village. Disillusioned Jake has returned from the U.S. and Charlie went bankrupt with his video store. Now both are working for 40 € a day as extras for three weeks. They see how the village is changed for the film. But the film crew, a Hollywood star, bodyguards, a very old extra, a drug dealer and young local who will commit suicide, are part of a tragic comedy of a small village, which is fighting for his identity. Directed by Herbert Gantschacher / Sign-Master: Horst Dittrich