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"Seeing Place"
    "Seeing Place" is play written by Rico Peterson. At the "Seeing Place" we see the young deaf Lou Weingart. At the deaf school a teacher is murdered. Lou is a possible subject. The criminal story of the play is starting. Was Lou real the murder of his former teacher? This question is adressed to the audience. The play "Seeing Place" gives us questions about the possibilities of education for the deaf and the qualities of the schools and the classes for the deaf. In this videoclip of the performance of ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre Werner Mössler is acting the character of Lou Weingart assisted by the interpreter (acted by Jutta Johanna Weiss) in the interrogation with the policeman (voice of Thomas Lackner) and Akiko Iizuka (playing the drums). The production is directed by the deaf actor and director Howie Seago. "A very important aspect of my deafness as it pertains to my acting is that it allows me the magnificient luxury of being totally immersed in the portrayals of characters on stage without distraction by enviromental sounds, to be able to work in absolute, true silence. This total concentration allows my mind and soul to take flights of imagery during performances"(Howie Seago).