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"I Carry The Flag"
    "I Carry The Flag" is the title of the adaption of Tim McCarty of the poem "The Lay of Love and Death of Cornet Christoph Rilke" of Rainer Maria Rilke in a visual interpretation. The famous cycle of poems written in prose by Rainer Maria Rilke tells about the life and death in times of wars. A new visual interpretation by deaf artists from USA, Great Britain, Singapore, Poland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Australia and Austria. The Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) wrote this poem from 1899 to 1906. A certain Christoph Rilke fought in the campaign of General Montecuccoli against the Turkish army during the first Austrian war against the Turks from 1663 to 1664. Christoph Rilke died in one of the battles. The young Christoph Rilke crosses the fields of Hungary. At night at the fireplace the young soldier sees how a French soldier kisses a rose. Prostitutes are also around. During the campaign Christoph Rilke becomes the rank of a Cornet. Now he carries the flag. He meets a woman, who was tied on a tree. He writes a letter to his mother. The army comes more and more nearer to the battlefield. He sees a dead farmer. They arrive at the castle, where they are welcomed. At the morning the enemy starts the attack on the battlefield. But Cornet Christoph Rilke is not on his place. He spent the night with the countess. In the meantime the castle is burning. Cornet Christoph Rilke has to save the flag and then immediately he runs to the battlefield and dies. His mother will get the message about the death of her son. Musician and Voice: Adolf Schober(percussion / Austria), Robert Persché(voice / Australia) Cast: Ramesh Meyyappan (Great Britain / Singapore), Werner Mössler (Austria), Anna Olczak, Arkadiusz Palatynski (Poland) and Margret Petursdottír (Iceland) Directed by: Tim McCarty USA) / Herbert Gantschacher (Austria) - Sign Master: Horst Dittrich (Austria) - Projections and stage designed by: Erich Heyduck (Austria) - Light designed by: Petr Smutny (Australia) First staged in Vienna (Austria) in 2004 (directed by Tim McCarty) and 2005 (directed by Herbert Gantschacher), first staged in Szczecin (Poland) at festival "Teatr bez Granic" in 2005 (directed by Herbert Gantschacher), first staged in Baltimore (USA) in 2008 (directed by Tim McCarty) at the festival "Questfest" of Quest : arts for everyone.