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From 1890 till 1923 in Vienna real revolutionary research work for the education of the deaf and deaf blind was done by the Austrian Philosopher Wilhelm Jerusalem. And Jerusalem was in a permanent correspondence with the deaf blind writer and fighter for the human rights Helen Keller. Their correspondence will be in the centre of a new documentary theatre written by Herbert Gantschacher in a
production of ARBOS - Company for Music & Theatre performed by Sabine Zeller and Markus Rupert. Wilhelm Jerusalem is today unfortunately nearly forgotten.

He was born in 1854 at DÅ™enice u Chrudimi as a son of Jewish parents. He never changed his religious identity by being baptized (which was essential in the Habsburg-Empire for any career, e.g. the career of the conductor and composer Gustav Mahler! The Anti-Semitism of the Habsburg-Empire climaxed a few days after the end of World War I. The Pius-Society â€" today well-known by the denial of the Holocaust of the bishop Williamson â€" knew already on the
25th of November 1918 the blame for the First World War, "that Jews and war as a virtually identical winner may designate. How could it happen that almost a handful of people, most of the Jewish families, in ourselves and in the old German Reich forces and authorities and to overthrow the political power managed to conquer. The people had hoped from all those national foreign elements to be finally freed. The people had hoped that with all the elements and circuits, which in the majority came from Judaism, once a total destruction held.” The Pius-Society was one of the forerunners of Hitler! The Nazis were thus in the establishment of their terrorist government and industrialized mass destruction to an already existing claim decades of Catholic Pius-Society help). Jerusalem studied classical philosophy at the University of Prague and did a doctorate about the theme "The Inscription o