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10th European & International Deaf Theatre Festival
    This is a trailer about a documentary film of the 10th European & International Deaf Theatre Festival presented by ARBOS-Company fo Music and Theatre in Vienna 2009. The film was done by Sonja Ruß and Peter Bosch for Okto TV and includes clips from the productions "Wilhelm Jerusalem-Helen Keller-Letters" and "The Art of War" (a cooperation project of Ramesh Meyyappan from Singapore, Carl Anthony Cockram from Great Britain, Theodor Burkali from Hungary and ARBOS from Austria) and "The Maps of Shadows" written by the Bosnian poet Dževad Karahasan from Sarajevo. Also included interviews with the deaf film-maker Olgierd Koczorowski from Szczecin (Poland), the deaf actor Horst Dittrich (Austria) and the director Herbert Gantschacher (Austria).