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"Theatre For All People" - A Portrait of the deaf actor Horst Dittrich...
    In 1993 Horst Dittrich got the idea to promote sign language and deaf culture through theatre. His general idea is "THEATRE FOR ALL", that means theatre for a deaf and hearing audience. And on the stage it is possible, that deaf and hearing artists can work together on the same level. In his text "What You have to know about Deaf Theatre" Horst Dittrich wrote: "Deaf theatre is a form of theatre with it’s own artistic potential existing as any other forms of theatre with the same artistic power as all forms of theatre. Professional deaf gives the professional deaf theatre artists the opportunity to present their creation of theatre on stage. There are a lot of different possibilities to present deaf theatre on stage: theatre in sign language with deaf actors, theatre in sign language with deaf and hearing actors, visual choreographed theatre (starting from signs it is wonderful to create a choreography), visual music, music by feeling the vibrations, physical theatre, dance theatre and “story-telling” (the last one is only possible in the world of deaf theatre, because deaf artists can perform dramatic miniatures in sign language). These different forms of deaf theatre are for deaf and hearing audience. For the whole audience it is amazing to see and understand deaf theatre. Deaf theatre also exists only in the deaf world, but there deaf theatre cannot get the whole public. By going to the whole public (deaf and hearing people) deaf theatre shows productions on the same level as all other forms of theatre. In the theatre sign language is used as a form of art." Horst Dittrich is the deaf artistic director and member of the board of ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre.