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    "Disconnected" is a play about communication written by the deaf dramatist Willy Conley. Starting from a telephone in the room the search for communication begins. In the 19th century Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone due to a misconception. Bell was married to a deaf woman (as his father and his grandfather). Bell wanted to learn his wife to speak. For this reason he invented an electromagnetic machine, which should transform the spoken language to a visual language. The machine did not work as Bell intended. But this machine made communication possible. "Almost one hundred years later, a deaf man invents the acoustic coupler that allows deaf people to communicate on the phone through a tty" (Willy Conley). This machine, which should help deaf people to learn to speak, was transformed to the telephone, which is today also used as a tty, fax machine, telecommunicator, wireless communication, SMS, internet etc. The play of Willy Conley has to be seen in a tradition of the plays of Samuel Beckett. In this short clip the deaf actors Georg Horngacher and Werner Mössler playing with the telephone in search for communication. Directed by Herbert Gantchacher, stage designed by Sanzaba Dimna, light designed by Bidpai, costumes designed by Burgis Paier.