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Kafka “On the Tram - Der Fahrgast”
    Hundreds of thousands of people daily use the underground stations of Vienna, which are also a place of communication. The actors go from station to station as every passenger as well. They are nothing more than passengers, they remain invisible as actors. But at the stations they change in few seconds a place for their theatre performance. In a few seconds they have changed from invisible actors to performing actors. For the minutes of the performances they are actors and the people passing by are changing into a certainly surprised audience. “On The Tram” is a short story told in first-person perspective by Franz Kafka published in 1906. It describes a man standing on a tram platform, contemplating the uncertainties of his place in the world. Performed by Horst Dittrich in Austrian Sign Language and René Rebeiz in a production of ARBOS - Company for Music and Theatre