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„Catastrophe" Samuel Beckett
    This videoclip shows the last minutes of the play "Catastrophe" written by Samuel Beckett in a unique production of ARBOS - Company for Music and Theatre. For the first time a play of Samuel Beckett is performed in Sign Language. This production uses the Austrian Sign Language. „Catastrophe“ was written by Samuel Beckett in a time of the political mainstream for the fight of human rights, because the play is dedicated by Samuel Beckett to Vaclav Havel, who was in prison in 1982. At that time the dramatist Havel was in prison for four and a half years in the former Czechoslovakia, because he was fighting for human rights inside the movement “Charta 77”. In 1982 Havel was honoured as a represent for all other artists of that time, who were in prison or tortured for that political and artistic believes. In 1989 in the former Czechoslovakia the velvet revolution happened and Havel became the president of Czechoslovakia and later the Czech Republic. The play “Catastrophe” of Beckett takes place in a theatre and describes the classical situation between the master and the servant. But the title of the play describes the real situation “Catastrophe”. A silent protagonist will be prepared for a torture. The poet of that play Samuel Beckett won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969. Directed by: Herbert Gantschacher (Austria) and Ramesh Meyyappan (Singapore) Stage and Costumes designed by: Sanzaba Dimna (Pakistan) Light designed by: Bidpai (Indien) Cast: Ramesh Meyyappan (director / Singapore), Anna Olczak (female assistent / Poland), Arkadiusz Palatynski (Protagonist / Poland), Martin Novak (Light technician / Czech Republic).