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Georg Büchner "A Fairy Tale told by the Grandmother"
    Here You can see a videoclip of the fairy tale of the grandmother in the famous play "Woyzeck" written by Georg Büchner presented by the deaf actor Georg Horngacher in Austrian Sign Language: "Once upon a time there was a poor child, had no father and no mother, everyone was dead and there was nobody left in all the world. Everyone dead, and the child went and cried both day and night. And seeing there was nobody left on earth, he wanted to go up to heaven, and the moon gave him such a friendly look, and when in the end he came to the moon, it was a lump of rotten wood, so he went to the sun, and when he came to the sun, it was a withered sunflower, and when he came to the stars, they were tiny golden insects stuck there as though by a butcher-bird on blackthorn, and when he wanted to come back to earth again, the earth was an upturned cookpot, and he was all alone, so he sat down and cried, and he´s sitting there still, all on his own"