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"Different Trains" -
Music Theatre on a Moving Train through - Salzburg
    This is a videoclip of "19182338 - the number You have called is disconnected" by Werner Raditschnig (music) and Herbert Gantschacher(libretto). It is part of a music theatre trilogy of a performance on a moving train through Europe. The two other parts of the trilogy are "The Old Lady and the Gypsy Girl" by Peter Swinnen (music) and Lydia Chagoll (libretto) and "Different Trains" by Steve Reich (music and libretto with voices of survivors of the Holocaust). How we can define trains, which are transporting people in goods wagons? How we can characterize a goods wagon, which is filled with people? Different Trains? This music pieces are reflecting on the different situations of the railways during the time of Holocaust. Performances happened at stations in Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. This videoclip shows a synopsis of the performance of the Documentary Music Theatre "19182338 - the number You have called is disconnected" by and "Different Trains" at the station of Salzburg Hauptbahnhof in Austria. Produced by ARBOS - Company for Music and Theatre and Opera Mobile Antwerp (Belgium).