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„The Triple Dream Of The Machine“
    This videoclip shows the play "The Triple Dream Of The Machine" written by Herbert Thomas Mandl. It demonstrates the use of machines for the domination of people. In a research an examiner tortures laboratory for the future a woman. The play will be done like a puppet theatre. The second part of the evening is a talk with Herbert Thomas Mandl, an eyewitness of the 20th century. His father served in World War I as an artilleryman in the Austrian-Hungarian army. Herbert Thomas Mandl was born in 1926 at Bratislava (Pressburg). In his childhood he was in Ostrava (Ostrau) and Brno (Brünn). He learned playing the violin. After the Nazi occupation he and his parents have to go to the Ghetto of Prague and were deported to Terezín. There he met the composer Viktor Ullmann, who was a friend of his father. Mandl was a part of the “Freizeitgestaltung” in Terezín and played the violin in two orchestras and in the “Villon” composition of Ullmann. Deportation to Auschwitz, from Auschwitz in a death march to the concentration camp Dachau-Kaufering IV. His father died there in the camp. Herbert Thomas Mandl survived and was freed by the US-Army. After the war Mandl teached violin at the academy of Ostrava. During the Cold War he came in conflict with the authority. He directed a spectacular flight as a tourist to Cairo, where he was arrested in an Egyptian prison. He got contact to the American Embassy. Mandl was sent by plane to Greece and interrogated by the CIA. He came to Western Germany. There he is named as an agent of Soviets. The German authorities did not recognize him as a political refugee. Heinrich Böll helped Mandl. Together they organised the flight of the wife of Mandl. During a visit in Prague Böll smuggled the wife of Mandl in dramatic flight in his modified car through the border. Directed by: Herbert Gantschacher / Puppets made by: Burgis Paier / Puppet players & Voices: Thomas Lackner and Jutta Weiss.