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"edition john heartfield" by Eric Entenhey & Herbert Lion
    "edition john heartfield" is a contemporary necessary art project reacting on political situations in the third millenium acting against reactionary believes(initiated in 2000 by persons like Schüssel or Haider). "Let's be careful when we start morality in situations where no single one of us, ladies and gentlemen, knows how he or she would have acted. Let us be lenient with the perpetrators, we are based on Christianitay and let us try to forgive them". These phrases in March 2008 were not pronounced by a politicians from the extreme scene, they came from Mr. Haslauer II., the first Deputy Governor of the province of Salzburg and member of the consevative party, whose leader Dollfuss replaced in 1933 in Austria the democracy by the dictatorship of the christian crutch cross. It is perhaps no coincidence that till today in the city of Salzburg a street is named after Böhm-Ermolli, a Field Marshal of the German Wehrmacht (who had begun his career in the Austrian-Hungarian Wehrmacht).