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„The Postponed Hero’s Death“
    The play by Herbert Thomas Mandl „The Postponed Hero’s Death“ deals with 90 years of history of people. It starts in the trenches on the Eastern Front of World War I and brings to the year 1944 to the city of Prague occupied by the Nazis. And it brings us to the year 1948, that year was the start of the Cold War between the East and the West and it brings us to the year 1968 also to the city of Prague; in that year the “Prague Spring” happened. And the play brings us to the year 2005 again to the city of Prague during a demonstration against globalisation. During the demonstration the characters of Edward and Jan have a discussion. And that ends like follows: We should have to try it again – and to try to avoid the faults from the past … and we have a new powerful ally: the international terrorism.” This videoclip shows an impression of the first scene, which happens in the trenches at the Eastern Front of World War I from the perspective of a soldier of the Austrian-Hungarian Army. Herbert Thomas Mandl (18th August 1926 – 22nd February 2007) is a real witness of the history of the 20th century. His father served in the Austrian-Hungarian army during World War I. After the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis the family Mandl was sent to the concentration camp of Terezín. Herbert Thomas Mandl and his father were also sent to Auschwitz. After the death marches the father of Mandl died at the concentration camp München-Kaufering IV. Herbert Thomas Mandl survived. He was freed by American forces, his mother survived also the Holocaust. In Czechoslovakia after 1945 he worked as a musician and teacher for violin. In the beginning of the sixties of the 20th century Mandl and his wife made a spectacular escape through the Iron Curtain. Mandl organised his flight to the West about Egypt. His wife escaped through the Iron Curtain in the car of Heinrich Böll (winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature). Directed by: Herbert Gantschacher / Stage designed by: Sanzaba Dimna / Puppets and puppets theatre designed by: Burgis Paier / Light designed by: Bidpai / Cast: Alexander Mitterer, Rita Hatzmann and Frankie Feutl.