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"Disease War"
    “Disease War“ - Scenes, Texts and Poems by Georg Trakl, Georg Heym, August Stramm, Hugo Ball, Theo van Doesburg, Paul Scheerbart and the Italian Futurists Marinetti, Corra, Settimelli, Cangiullo, Chiti. This theatre project connects the visions of the artistic avant-garde, the critics and victims of war. We have to differ very clear between the avant-garde (the forerunners of an army) of the art and the modern art, because modern art and avant-garde of the art are not the same. The avant-garde of art killed modern art. “Avant-garde and modern art are two different stiles of art” reflects the composer György Ligeti. The Italian Futurists themselves saw them as such a kind of avant-garde. They dreamed the “dream of the artistic war” and tried to transform their visions of war to art. They started working with such transformations before the beginning of World War I. They desired that Italy should as soon as possible part of this “Great War”. But the real reality is that an artistic war can be neither a vision nor a reality. Millions of people died. Before and during the time of World War I a lot of artists critized war but became also victims of war. In the theatre project “Disease War” there is the famous poem of Georg Trakl “Grodek”. Grodek was one of the great battlefields in World War I on the eastern front between Germany, the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy and Russia. After the battle Trakl had to take care as a lonely person for around 90 seriously injured soldiers. Tortured by these impressions Trakl tried to commit suicide and was transported to the military hospital of Krakow. There he died on 3rd of November 1914 after the use of too much Cocaine. Another victim was the German poet August Stramm, who knew very well the ideas of the Italian Futurist Marinetti. Stramm died on the battlefield against Russia on 1st of September 1915. “Now I understand war; and now I know what a horrible demon tortured mankind in the past and modern time. And now I hate war – the war of the 20th century” wrote the doctor of medicine and physiologist Friedrich Georg Nicolai in August 1918. Directed and produced by: Herbert Gantschacher Stage and costumes designed by: Sanzaba Dimna Light designed by: Bidpai Sign Master: Horst Dittrich Cast: Georg Horngacher, Werner Mössler and Alexander Mitterer